Singapore's Humane Past

The "Vietnamese Refugee CAmp" @ 25 hawkins road

"[Hawkins Road camp] was considered one of the most humane camps in the region."


Photograph from Meredith J. Kennedy,

Facebook Group: Vietnamese Boat People Refugee Camp 

Yen Siow for Refugee Awareness Week (RAW) 2017

After the Vietnam War saw the reunification of the country under communist rule. Yen, then barely four years old, took to the seas with her family in the 1980s, becoming refugees. After spending 5 days adrift at sea, they were rescued and brought to Singapore, where the family were hosted at Hawkins Road Refugee Camp for 5 months, before being resettled to Australia. Hear what Ms Yen Siow has to say about her experience and what RAW means to her. 


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