About Us

Why AFR-SG Exist


We are a ground-up movement based in Singapore, focused on bringing about greater awareness on the issues of refugees and forced migration in the region and beyond. We feel strongly that Singapore - like many other countries - has a crucial role to play as part of the international community in responsibility-sharing when responding to the effects and consequences of global displacement.

As of September 2018, we are a member organisation of the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN).

What We Do

Advocacy & Local Programmes

Informing and shaping public opinion on issues relating to the topic of global displacement, to inspire and spur collective action for good.

Research, Policy & Government Relations

Conducting focus group discussions to gather inputs, to better inform and shape research pieces for future policy recommendations.

International Partnerships

Building networks with community and refugee-led initiatives / organisations support displaced communities in the region.

The Team





Advocacy & Local Programmes &

International Partnerships

Email: mathildaho.afrsg@gmail.com




Research, Policy & Government Relations

Donor Relations Coordinator, 

School for Tomorrow

Email: nursyazwani.afrsg@gmail.com